Chopra Lab

Chemical Immunology Laboratory

Computational and analytical chemistry techniques to design and verify small molecules and "cells as drugs" for cancer, neurological and immunological disorders.

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Our lab is a hybrid computational and wet-lab focused on identifying drugs by taking into account all possible interactions between biomolecules. It is well established that protein structures are more conserved than sequence and function throughout evolution. We therefore hypothesize that multi-targeted drug design is a more effective method for reducing toxicity and combating drug resistance. Starting with high performance computing, we generate predictions; followed by compound screening and in vitro drug validation. These in vitro validated drugs are then tested as cell-based therapies in humanized mouse models.


Interactome Methods

Develop computational and bioanalytical chemistry tools for drug repurposing, discovery and disease-specific targets/antitargets guided drug design.



Discover and validate immune suppressive mechanisms for Alzheimer disease


Immunomodulatory Drug Design

Design, synthesize and verify disease-specific multitargeted immunomodulatory drugs and cell-drug conjugates for targeted immunotherapy.


Multiplayer Drug Discovery

Crowdsource disease-specific targets to identify and verify drugs based on our docking and design program as a 3D virtual reality game.

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