Chopra Lab

Chemical Immunology Laboratory

Our group's vision is to establish a Center for Chemical and Cellular Immunology with both basic science and translational focus to affect human health in Cancer, Neuroimmunology, and beyond, eventually affecting all areas of Medicine. Such a Center does not exist in the United States, and we would like to develop this world-class program as the next frontier in Medicine by bringing together ideas and expertise from Immunology, Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Engineering and Medicine. The initial focus of our group have been to translate novel immunological therapies for cancer and neurodegeneration by developing tools and targeted therapeutics. Neuroimmunology is where cancer immunology was ~15 years ago and this is a huge untapped opportunity for the future of medicine. The basic science in chemistry, immunology and engineering in partnership with disease experts and clinical scientists will be essential to translate these discoveries to new medical frontiers beyond small molecules, biologics and targeted cell therapy.