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Postdoctoral Fellows

* We’re Hiring! - Postdoctoral scholars interested in investigating “immune checkpoints” or “brakes” in the neuroimmune system during neurodegeneration should apply. More details here.*

We are looking for people who are self-starters, passionate and smart individuals, and who will develop a project that will result in an expertise in the lab. Our lab is a hybrid computational and wet-lab where we use:

  • High-performance computing to make predictions
  • Verify these predictions in cell cultures using a high-thorughput robotic set-up
  • Test the biological hypothesis derived from computational modeling in mouse models for a disease

We are open to exploring any disease based on your interest and welcome both computational and wet-lab (molecular biology, chemical biology, immunology, cell biology, mouse models etc.) expertise with an overarching theme in drug discovery for multi-scale chemical modeling of cellular systems. Further details about our research and the lab culture are mentioned on my faculty page here -

If you are interested in playing with supercomputers and high-throughput robots, with an eventual goal of saving lives by discovering and designing drugs, please send me your CV, a brief description of the research proposal you would like to pursue as part of your postdoctoral training, and names and contact information of three referees to

Graduate Students

Please apply to the Chemistry Department Graduate Program or to the Purdue University Interdisciplinary Life Science (PULSe) program.

Undergraduate students

Students in our lab will have the opportunity to identify problems they are most interested in solving. Our goal is to train students into well-rounded scientists so that they can develop an expertise in the lab. If you are an undergraduate student, send me your resume and I'll be glad to meet with you.